Samba Rock Nights feat. Antonio Guedes

Besides being a vast continent full of hot, tanned inhabitants and dramatic geographical landscapes, Brazil has an overwhelming number of musical styles. You wll probably only think of one, samba. But don’t worry if you’re not an expert on the subject. That’s what your BRAZA! fam is here for, to guide you through a tropical experience, this time presenting you with Samba Rock, A Celebration of Brazilian Soul.

Samba rock is the funkiest and most soulful musical movement Brazil has ever experienced. It emerged in the 60’s, becoming very popular with the voice of the infamous Jorge Ben, who started to tune in to american genres and decided that the samba beat combined well with bebop, jazz and soul, giving fuel to a fever that is still alive today, all over the world.

Contemporary groups like Zuco 103, Seu Jorge, Farofa Carioca, Curumin and Clube do Balanço were influenced by and had their sounds shaped after samba rock. Many other composers from Jorge Ben’s circle were copying his groove and helping push the style to the top of the charts throughout the 60’s and 70’s. Erasmo Carlos, Trio Mocotó, Bebeto, Tim Maia, all scored big hits that gave additional strength to the genre.

BRAZA!’s host and co-founder, Antonio Guedes, is the one of the only current musicians in the Bay Area who is an expert in the genre. Not only does he write and arrange samba rock songs, but he also brings back both classics, as well as rare and obscure jams never heard before on stage. Antonio is a former member of the psychedelic afrobeat band Afrolicious. He has traveled stateside with the chilean phenomenon Francisca Valenzuela, and has formed many of his own soul flavored projects, here in San Francisco and in Brazil.

So don’t miss this one! It will be one of a kind cultural event. Going down on Thursday, October 22nd, at Elbo Room. Doors open at 9:30pm. DJs Elan (resident) and Izzy Wiser (Afrolicious, Hi-Life) will elevate your mood to higher heights.