About BRAZA!

If you are wondering what braza – which is an adaptation of the portuguese word brasa, means, it is ember.  But, it’s also a nickname native Brazilians use to refer to their motherland. The event BRAZA! is exactly what the red burning charcoal represents: the heat of a culture, expressed though its musical and dance heritage. When we say diversity we mean not just the cadence of the internationally cultivated samba beat, but also everything from Brazilian funk, Tropicália, hip hop, forró (from northeast of Brazil), MPB (Popular Brazilian Music), house, boogie, soul, disco, and bossa nova.  The party started back in 2009, when the DJ Kento Tanaka approached his 3 friends Antonio Guedes (musician), Elan Kamesar (DJ) and Vanka (DJ), to create an event that had one thing in mind: to make people sweat to temperatures manufactured and controlled by turntables. To travel south, without even leaving the northern hemisphere. And so they did. Soon the party became a must-go in the City.  DJs from all over the map have come down for a chance to play to a crowd hungry for tropical sets.

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